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Yao Pagi creates an agricultural value chain from planting and cultivation of vegetables to in-store sales to consumers in Indonesia

Project to Support Self-Sufficiency of Seeds and Seedlings in Indonesia
Proyek swasembada benih sayuran Indonesia

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No pesticide natural cultivation

We grow vegetables with natural cultivation without using pesticides and fertilizers.
Improve the soil to an environment where microbes are easy to live, and vegetables raised with the power of nature have high nutritional value and can keep freshness.

Selecting, Grading

Efficient shipment preparation by vegetable washing machine of our distribution center.

Storage of in-house vegetable-only warehouse.


Reduce intermediate margin due to excess brokerage through in-house production, distribution and sales.

Maintain freshness on refrigerated trucks.


Display, service, grading and the store design by the supervision and guidance of the Japanese manager.

We are speciality store retailer of private brand agricultural production

Modernizing the Indonesian greengrocer

Clean store and quality controlled greengrocers adapted in developed countries


Securing a stable supply of safe, high-quality vegetables

Carry out cultivation tests for stable cultivation of in-house farm.
Guidance the optimal harvest time and more secure and high cultivation method nutritious.


Ultimate goal

We modernize Indonesian vegetable market with excellent operation and high standard vegetable provision utilizing retail business experience in Japan
Improve the lives of agriculture-related businesses



Over 15 years experience in operating the mail order site of Indonesia products since 1998, we started a vegetable web shop.
We establish a distribution network with cool bike flights.

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